Sunday, 7 October 2012

For Keith

Because you are special,
Because you are smart,
Because dear brother,
You have a big heart.

Because you are kind,
Because you are sweet,
Because I knew you
When you had little feet.

Because we’ve had fights
when peace wouldn’t do,
those times that I wanted
to leave you in a zoo.
Because you are strong.

Because you are so cool,
I’m glad you’re my brother
And I love you.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Same Difference

We are not so different you and I.
You don't think so.
I can see it in that sneer and the tiny smile
you can't quite hide-a sort of satisfaction.
If I stare a little harder, I can almost see
the pat on the back you give yourself
You'd never sink that low, your face clearly says.
No, you're better than that, much stronger.
And I would laugh if it wasn't so sad.
Because the truth is that we're both lost.
Trying to make sense of a world moving so fast
that we've barely understood where we are
before we realised that its moved on ten paces ahead
and we are left forever trying to catch up.
That we're trying to find some kind of peace.
That you chose one thing and I chose the other.
I will concede that perhaps you were wise in choosing
a more presentable crutch.
The one you can take with you to company picnics
and take home to Christmas dinners.
But don't for one second forget its purpose,
Its a prop, just like mine
So spare me your pity and condescension.
The only difference between us is you play
for an audience and I don't.
We are same, you and I.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Small Enough

Oh great God be small enough to hear me now.

There are times when I was crying

from the dark of Daniel's den,

and I have asked you once or twice

to part the sea again.

But tonight I do not need a fiery pillar in the sky.

Just wanna know

you're gonna hold me if I start to cry.

Oh Great God be small enough to hear me now.

Oh Great God be close enough to feel you now.

There have been times

that I could not face Goliath on my own,

and how could I forget we've marched

around our share of Jericho's,

but I will not be setting out

a fleece for you tonight.

Just want to know

everything will be alrigh

Oh Great God be close enough to feel you now

All praise and honour

be to the God of ancient mysteries,

whose every sign and wonder

turn the pages of our history.

But tonight my heart is heavy,

and I cannot keep from whispering this prayer,

"are you there?"

And I know that you could leave

writing on the wall that's just for me

or send wisdom when I'm sleeping

like in Solomon's sweet dreams.

But I don't need the strength of Samson

or a chariot in the end.

Just want to know that you still know

how many hairs are on my head

Oh Great God be small enough to hear me now.

By Nicole Nordeman

Saturday, 22 May 2010

I know once again what it means to be free,
to be drowning in wave after wave of your mercy,
drunk on the joy of your salvation,
feeling the wonder of being your creation,

I am the climber that's finally reached the peak,
a composer who found the perfect pitch,
the scientist with the illusive cure,
a muddy stream suddenly made pure.

See I was the bound Pharisee,
But by HIs grace I'm free.

Friday, 30 April 2010

Some day...

I really will stop dreaming,
you'll see, I'll start doing.
I'll pick myself up and
quit playing like a pup.
Begin walking the talk,
this time I won't balk.
I'll gather my dreams,
and map my whims.
I'll write that story,
tell her I said sorry.
I'll do more than watch,
I'll learn, I'll coach.
Ill wear that damn dress,
with stilettos, no less.
I'll go to a music studio,
demand to be on the video.
I'll shed my fear,
Am not kidding my dear.
I'll do it next moon,
I'll do it soon,
I promise I will,
I'll make real