Monday, 23 June 2008

Yours again

Every time I'm sad,
my heart reaches out to find you.
When i feel alone,
my being hugs the memory of you.
When my smile is wide,
when all is just right,
I find my soul seeks you still,
and I know this is real.
All I have to do is
search the corners of my heart
and there where my joys hide,
where my most intimate memoirs lie,
there I find you.
And for a while,
miles fade away,
and time stands still
because then my love,
we are together again.
if only for a moment,
we're together again.

Ps:Missing you still.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Mr. Pain

Pain came visiting today,
me and him had a chat,
I told him to go away
but he wouldn't let us part.
It seems he's here to stay
and cause unbearable hurt.

He found it amusing
that i had murderous thought,
I'd tried to poison him
with the drugs that I'd bought,
He gave me a wolfish grin
and took off his coat.

You find it funny, i see
that i write about pain,
invite him for tea
see if you stay sane.
if you haven been me
don't hold me in disdain.

Ten years down the road,
I'm now Mrs Pain.
Don't call me poor sod,
he's on the move again.
So unless you're God,
wait for the rain.

NB: Just grumbling thanks to a tooth ache.

Monday, 2 June 2008

God did it for me

My heart was beating so loud,
it almost drowned my thoughts.
- I was walking towards your door.
a firm resolve put each foot ahead of the other,
told fear to step aside.
What was I going to say, I don't know.
That God told me to come and see you?
How silly would that sound.
Never mind that we never talked much,
that we are barely friends
But this once, I decided to listen to God.
Was going to obey whether I understood or not.
So I climbed up the stairs to your room.
You were at the door.
You said something and I said another.
It wasn't much but it was enough.
I didn't spend two minutes at your door.
You hugged me and I left.
I thought I had gone to your room
to encourage you.
But feeling the warmth
that crept from your hug,
I can't help but think;
God did it for me.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

The Greatness of God

I see it in a ray of sunlight,
a flower of exquisite hue
An eagle in flight,
The creation of You.

I hear it in a weaver bird's song,
a roar of thunder,
a musician's tongs,
a child's laughter.

I feel it in a summer breeze,
softness of a feather,
relief when I sneeze,
the hug of a mother.

Therein I find my heavenly Father.