Monday, 26 November 2007

Painting memories

We're counting down days
to when we'll have to part.
Sometimes we can't help but think
God played a cruel trick on us.
Why did we have to fall in love
when we'd have to part?
During the day I pretend to be strong
but at night my pillow tells different tales
of the pain laden tears that soak it.
How will I make it without you?
We laugh and talk,
steal moments of time together,
yet the nagging thought of our
separation still lingers like a shadow.
I want to make you promise
that you'll wait for me,
but am so scared.
Would it be fair for me to?
I know you say you will,
but this isn't just any story,
this is our story, yours and mine.
l and I have so many questions.
Will distance fade out the magic?
If you can no longer see me,
will someone else
take your breath away?
If you can't see me anymore,
would you love me the same?
I'm just so scared.
Should we say goodbye now
or dare to hope.
Hopeless romantics
that we are,we do hope.
Clinging on to the
fantasy of forever.
So while we can,
we paint memories
and we pray.
We pray and ask God
to have His way.
P.S: That's where Feather's been. Using her ink to paint memories