Sunday, 17 August 2008


The sun is setting,
we know our time is spent.
Darkness is coming,
and we must now part.
Never thought it would end this way.
Never thought it would end at all.
We were the kind couple
fairy tales are made of.
You, my knight in shining armour,
me, your Princess.
Cruel that we'll never
have our happily ever after.
But time has a way of
stealing things from us.
No i don't blame you,
like they say everything
with a beginning has an end.
The sun must rise
and so it must set.
We had dreams of
growing old together,
and in a way we have.
What we've been through
taught us things
only age would know.
You tell me over and
over again you're sorry,
You'd do anything to take it back.
It was a one night stand,
months before we met.
Now you lay dying in my arms.
fate's ripped you away from me.
No I still don't blame you.
Hush love, its almost dusk.
if we must talk,
lets' speak of what we had.
am not sorry am dying too.
It was worth it,
loving you.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Let me heal you

Your mask might fool the world
but it can't fool me.
I know you cry at night.
I know because I weep with you.
You tell the doctors
the pain is physical.
How i wish it were,
it would be much easier to deal with.
But its not the pain outside
that makes you weep,
its the one in your heart.
The labels of failure etched across you soul,
the wounds of betrayal you still allow to bleed,
the memory of injustice engraved on your mind,
broken dreams you desperately clutch.
And the anger,
-I feel that too.
you think I threw you out,
like everyone else did.
I've always been here,
waiting for you to reach out to me.
But come, let me draw near,
there was never a heart,
I couldn't heal.
Give me your pain,
and take my joy.
Give me you anger
and take my peace.
Give me your wounds
body, spirit and soul,
Beloved, let me make them whole.