Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Let me heal you

Your mask might fool the world
but it can't fool me.
I know you cry at night.
I know because I weep with you.
You tell the doctors
the pain is physical.
How i wish it were,
it would be much easier to deal with.
But its not the pain outside
that makes you weep,
its the one in your heart.
The labels of failure etched across you soul,
the wounds of betrayal you still allow to bleed,
the memory of injustice engraved on your mind,
broken dreams you desperately clutch.
And the anger,
-I feel that too.
you think I threw you out,
like everyone else did.
I've always been here,
waiting for you to reach out to me.
But come, let me draw near,
there was never a heart,
I couldn't heal.
Give me your pain,
and take my joy.
Give me you anger
and take my peace.
Give me your wounds
body, spirit and soul,
Beloved, let me make them whole.


  1. You know, it's pieces like these that make me think I emerged on the wrong end of the gene pool! :D
    Nice! :)

    *Howz you, oh sibling mine?

  2. Wow...

    I'm speechless right now...

    I'm blown...

  3. not really!u guys dont have to exaggerate u know. was trying to write a poem for a concert at church.

  4. i love the last couple of lines

    Give me your pain and take my joy
    Give me your anger and take my peace

    i love it

    thank you
    so did it become a song

  5. hmmm...nice.

    I like "the labels of failure...dreams you desperately clutch" and "give me your wounds..."

  6. it starts out like the "me" is an ordinary person, but he/she gradually takes on a whole new persona..at the end i feel the "me" is God...but i love the imagery, especially at the beginning..nice

  7. Hey, Just checking to see howyou doing, hope you are good.
    Much love

  8. yoUR NOtes arE inDEed VEry deep..GOod Job FRieND..