Monday, 13 July 2009

Love Story

I think ours has the making of a great love story.
There's you, there's me and there's the tragedy.
Ours is not the complexity of a family feud
nor of difference in classes.
No, ours unfortunately is much simpler;
its the battle with common sense.
Go to school get your degree, get your masters,
be paid to work anywhere else but home.
And it seems fate has kissed our destiny goodbye.
I want you to know
even if we don't ever get our happily ever after,
I would gladly go through it again;
the months away punctuated by long distance calls
that ran through our money faster than it did our passion,
the nights we whispered our fervent 'I love yous',
the already short holidays that grew wings
as if they too relished our anguish.
Days where we tried to snatch every second
the sun threw us like a lifeline
because we knew it wouldn't be long before
that fiend time would come again to tear us apart.
If common sense has its way,
I want you to know
It was worth it, loving you