Monday, 24 November 2008

Nursery Rhyme

Remember this rhyme

Home again, home again,
when shall I see my home again,
when shall I see my little brother,
I'll never forget my home.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Soul's Distress

My heart bows in anguish at the choice I must make.
Any semblance of joy withers at its thought.
The growing apprehension bears down like a cloud,
the gravity of it wearing my soul down to a shadow.
For in making the wiser decision, I break my heart,
but more agonizing is that I must break yours.

Sunday, 9 November 2008


The other day I looked at my reflection,
and I saw you.
I wonder when I began to change,
I wonder if you were always there,
I wonder if when I was trying so hard not to be you,
that that was when I was most like you.
Trying to be different, to stand out.
And a part of me is thrilled,
apart of me is distressed.
Elated that I have your smile and your heart,
glum that I share your art of disguise.
That we both hide the things we should reveal.
I looked at my reflection the other day
and I saw you.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Favourite things

of all the things am grateful for;

ancient rhymes and midnight calls,

starry nights and ice cream cones,

pleasant dreams and water falls

setting suns and peaceful ponds...

-my seasoned heart's inevitably found

you're the one i most adore

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Birthday wish list

1 .............................................
2 .............................................
3 .............................................
4 ..............................................
5 God I could do with a hug from You.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Favourite Quotes

-Worry is the interest we pay on tomorrow's troubles.

-If you find yourself loving any pleasure better than your prayers, any book better than the Bible, any house better than the house of God, any table better than the Lord's table, any person better than Christ, any indulgence better than the hope of heaven- take alarm!
Thomas Guthrie

-The storms of life no more indicate the absence of God than clouds indicate the absence of the sun.
John Blanchard

-A victorious Christian life is not a superior brand of Christianity reserved for the elite of the elect. It is the normal Christian life for every Christian.
Ronald Dunn

-Real love stories never have endings.
Richard Bach

-One Christian who has been tempted is worth a thousand who haven't.
Martin Luther

-Formula for handling people:
1. Listen to the other person's story.
2. Listen to the other person's full story.
3. List to the other person's story first.
George Marshall

-Everything that irritates us about others, can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.
Carl Jung

-Nothing so tends to mask the face of God as religion; it can be a substitute for God himself.
Martin Buber

-A man came to a guru and challenged him, 'I will give you an orange if you can show me where God is.' The guru answered, 'I will give you two oranges if you can show me where God is not.'
Author Unknown

-I venture to say that the greatest earthly blessing that God can give to any of us is health, with the exception of sickness. Sickness has frequently been of more use to the saints of God than health has.
C. H. Spurgeon

-To do just the opposite is also a form of imitation.
Georg Lichtenberg

-There are many wonderfulthings that will never be doneif you do not do them.
Charles D. Gill

-I believe Satan to exist for two reasons: first, the Bible says so; and second, I’ve done business with him.
D. L. Moody

-Our pride is disgusted at our faults and we mistake this disgust for true repentance.
Francois Fenelon

-Two young men were discussing the account of the resurrection of Jesus. They agreed that such a thing was impossible. Seeing an old Christian gentleman approaching, one of them asked him, "Tell us, why are you so sure that Jesus rose from the dead?" The old gentleman said, "Well, for one thing, I was talking with Him this morning."

-A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs, jolted by every pebble in the road.
Henry Ward Beecher

-The saint is hilarious when he is crushed with difficulties because the thing is so ludicrously impossible to anyone but God.
Oswald Chambers

-My life helps to paint my neighbor’s picture of God.

-A 19th-century preacher was once asked to explain the doctrine of election. He said: "Well, brethren, it is this way: The Lord is always voting for a man, and the devil is always voting against him; then the man himself votes, and that breaks the tie.
Arthur Tonne

-We cannot get away from God; though we can ignore Him.
James Cabot

Friday, 19 September 2008

I'm learning

that good times come and go, God doesn't
that a good book beats chocolate on any day
that i can still be helplessly in love with you so many miles away
that we can still fight over the phone (and make up too)
that its okay to cry
that i miss my sister(please please write on your blog again)
that you can't know joy if you've never felt pain
that there's nothing like a hug to make a day better
that as long as there's a dawn there's always hope

Sunday, 17 August 2008


The sun is setting,
we know our time is spent.
Darkness is coming,
and we must now part.
Never thought it would end this way.
Never thought it would end at all.
We were the kind couple
fairy tales are made of.
You, my knight in shining armour,
me, your Princess.
Cruel that we'll never
have our happily ever after.
But time has a way of
stealing things from us.
No i don't blame you,
like they say everything
with a beginning has an end.
The sun must rise
and so it must set.
We had dreams of
growing old together,
and in a way we have.
What we've been through
taught us things
only age would know.
You tell me over and
over again you're sorry,
You'd do anything to take it back.
It was a one night stand,
months before we met.
Now you lay dying in my arms.
fate's ripped you away from me.
No I still don't blame you.
Hush love, its almost dusk.
if we must talk,
lets' speak of what we had.
am not sorry am dying too.
It was worth it,
loving you.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Let me heal you

Your mask might fool the world
but it can't fool me.
I know you cry at night.
I know because I weep with you.
You tell the doctors
the pain is physical.
How i wish it were,
it would be much easier to deal with.
But its not the pain outside
that makes you weep,
its the one in your heart.
The labels of failure etched across you soul,
the wounds of betrayal you still allow to bleed,
the memory of injustice engraved on your mind,
broken dreams you desperately clutch.
And the anger,
-I feel that too.
you think I threw you out,
like everyone else did.
I've always been here,
waiting for you to reach out to me.
But come, let me draw near,
there was never a heart,
I couldn't heal.
Give me your pain,
and take my joy.
Give me you anger
and take my peace.
Give me your wounds
body, spirit and soul,
Beloved, let me make them whole.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

To Forgive

To forgive is to put down your fifty pound pack
after a ten mile climb up a mountain.
To forgive is to fall into a chair
after a fifteen mile marathon.
To forgive is to set a prisoner free
and discover that the prisoner was you.
To forgive is to reach back into your hurting past
and recreate it in your memory so that you can begin again.
To forgive is to dance to the beat of God's forgiving heart.
It is to ride the crest of Love's strongest wave.
Lewis b. Smedes

Monday, 23 June 2008

Yours again

Every time I'm sad,
my heart reaches out to find you.
When i feel alone,
my being hugs the memory of you.
When my smile is wide,
when all is just right,
I find my soul seeks you still,
and I know this is real.
All I have to do is
search the corners of my heart
and there where my joys hide,
where my most intimate memoirs lie,
there I find you.
And for a while,
miles fade away,
and time stands still
because then my love,
we are together again.
if only for a moment,
we're together again.

Ps:Missing you still.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Mr. Pain

Pain came visiting today,
me and him had a chat,
I told him to go away
but he wouldn't let us part.
It seems he's here to stay
and cause unbearable hurt.

He found it amusing
that i had murderous thought,
I'd tried to poison him
with the drugs that I'd bought,
He gave me a wolfish grin
and took off his coat.

You find it funny, i see
that i write about pain,
invite him for tea
see if you stay sane.
if you haven been me
don't hold me in disdain.

Ten years down the road,
I'm now Mrs Pain.
Don't call me poor sod,
he's on the move again.
So unless you're God,
wait for the rain.

NB: Just grumbling thanks to a tooth ache.

Monday, 2 June 2008

God did it for me

My heart was beating so loud,
it almost drowned my thoughts.
- I was walking towards your door.
a firm resolve put each foot ahead of the other,
told fear to step aside.
What was I going to say, I don't know.
That God told me to come and see you?
How silly would that sound.
Never mind that we never talked much,
that we are barely friends
But this once, I decided to listen to God.
Was going to obey whether I understood or not.
So I climbed up the stairs to your room.
You were at the door.
You said something and I said another.
It wasn't much but it was enough.
I didn't spend two minutes at your door.
You hugged me and I left.
I thought I had gone to your room
to encourage you.
But feeling the warmth
that crept from your hug,
I can't help but think;
God did it for me.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

The Greatness of God

I see it in a ray of sunlight,
a flower of exquisite hue
An eagle in flight,
The creation of You.

I hear it in a weaver bird's song,
a roar of thunder,
a musician's tongs,
a child's laughter.

I feel it in a summer breeze,
softness of a feather,
relief when I sneeze,
the hug of a mother.

Therein I find my heavenly Father.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Beautiful Lies

You did it again,
Trampled all over me, like I'm some door mat.
Smiled sweetly, as you gutted my insides.
You played me like a puppeteer,
like a guitarist, you knew what strings to pull
so I was moving to your tune.
Didn't know what you were doing till you left
and I found you'd taken everything-
Given me nothing.
Never mind that you'd done it before.
I threw caution to the wind
and listened to your beautiful lies-again.
But even for that I could forgive myself.
I just cant forgive myself
for loving you still.

Friday, 25 April 2008

My World

I type the next line and anxiously wait for yours.
Its been three months and seventeen days
since we had to part and I think I love you more than before.
(Is that possible or do I just miss you so?).
Live for the messages you send,
and the times you call.
Sleep with a smile. You always say goodnight.
Wake up happy,you just said good morning.
When did the message tone sound so beautiful?
And idly I wonder, when did you become my world?