Sunday, 9 November 2008


The other day I looked at my reflection,
and I saw you.
I wonder when I began to change,
I wonder if you were always there,
I wonder if when I was trying so hard not to be you,
that that was when I was most like you.
Trying to be different, to stand out.
And a part of me is thrilled,
apart of me is distressed.
Elated that I have your smile and your heart,
glum that I share your art of disguise.
That we both hide the things we should reveal.
I looked at my reflection the other day
and I saw you.


  1. I've run out of ideas as to who this image might be. Too many people seem feasible. :-)

    *Hello, sister mine!

  2. I agree with wondering who this might be...i love the piece...have a great day..

  3. this is easily the most beautiful poem I have read all year!

  4. oba who? my guess is on your mum though. i love the poem.

  5. i think islander might be right, nice poem though

  6. just enjoy the poem. no wondering. thanks guys