Saturday, 22 May 2010

I know once again what it means to be free,
to be drowning in wave after wave of your mercy,
drunk on the joy of your salvation,
feeling the wonder of being your creation,

I am the climber that's finally reached the peak,
a composer who found the perfect pitch,
the scientist with the illusive cure,
a muddy stream suddenly made pure.

See I was the bound Pharisee,
But by HIs grace I'm free.

Friday, 30 April 2010

Some day...

I really will stop dreaming,
you'll see, I'll start doing.
I'll pick myself up and
quit playing like a pup.
Begin walking the talk,
this time I won't balk.
I'll gather my dreams,
and map my whims.
I'll write that story,
tell her I said sorry.
I'll do more than watch,
I'll learn, I'll coach.
Ill wear that damn dress,
with stilettos, no less.
I'll go to a music studio,
demand to be on the video.
I'll shed my fear,
Am not kidding my dear.
I'll do it next moon,
I'll do it soon,
I promise I will,
I'll make real