Friday, 23 May 2008

Beautiful Lies

You did it again,
Trampled all over me, like I'm some door mat.
Smiled sweetly, as you gutted my insides.
You played me like a puppeteer,
like a guitarist, you knew what strings to pull
so I was moving to your tune.
Didn't know what you were doing till you left
and I found you'd taken everything-
Given me nothing.
Never mind that you'd done it before.
I threw caution to the wind
and listened to your beautiful lies-again.
But even for that I could forgive myself.
I just cant forgive myself
for loving you still.


  1. 1st...

    There's always so much intensity in your poems, it's almost real. U're an excellent poet.

    Forgiving oneself is the first step to liberation...always...

  2. They're not almost real. They are real. :o)

  3. wow

    i have to read that again and again, i can't relate but i feel like i understand


  4. ok i hope this means that you are back for good and not one of these one post a month situation


  5. It is often more difficult to forgive oneself.

    How are you doing?

  6. Hi there,

    Was browsing through blogs and came upon yours.

    I love your writings... so much passion... you can visualise the story or scenario you present to your readers :-)

    Stay blessed.

  7. I don't have to say how much I love the way you write, it speaks to me so much. Welcome back and please stay this time, i really, really missed you.

  8. Now, sis.Care to send the explanation of the root of this oh, so lovable poem to my inbox? :D

  9. How are you? Just came to show some love!!