Friday, 25 April 2008

My World

I type the next line and anxiously wait for yours.
Its been three months and seventeen days
since we had to part and I think I love you more than before.
(Is that possible or do I just miss you so?).
Live for the messages you send,
and the times you call.
Sleep with a smile. You always say goodnight.
Wake up happy,you just said good morning.
When did the message tone sound so beautiful?
And idly I wonder, when did you become my world?


  1. wow...

    Happiness mixed with a hint of hunger...

  2. Quite a while, glad to see you back.

    Hope you soon meet not to part for long...

  3. I'm still reeling from learning that Princess is your wee sis! :o)

  4. okay
    u do NOT get to write something this good and then disappaer for four months

    so yeah
    do not disappear again oooooooo

  5. you were much back too

  6. Mixed emotions and bittersweet reminiscence ..... hmmmm....good to have u back tho.

  7. Its been a while since i read you(no fault of mine am sure)...and now am back to read this..and its as good as ever...this piece leaves me especially nostalgic..reminds me of my own long distance sheningans...

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