Monday, 26 November 2007

Painting memories

We're counting down days
to when we'll have to part.
Sometimes we can't help but think
God played a cruel trick on us.
Why did we have to fall in love
when we'd have to part?
During the day I pretend to be strong
but at night my pillow tells different tales
of the pain laden tears that soak it.
How will I make it without you?
We laugh and talk,
steal moments of time together,
yet the nagging thought of our
separation still lingers like a shadow.
I want to make you promise
that you'll wait for me,
but am so scared.
Would it be fair for me to?
I know you say you will,
but this isn't just any story,
this is our story, yours and mine.
l and I have so many questions.
Will distance fade out the magic?
If you can no longer see me,
will someone else
take your breath away?
If you can't see me anymore,
would you love me the same?
I'm just so scared.
Should we say goodbye now
or dare to hope.
Hopeless romantics
that we are,we do hope.
Clinging on to the
fantasy of forever.
So while we can,
we paint memories
and we pray.
We pray and ask God
to have His way.
P.S: That's where Feather's been. Using her ink to paint memories


  1. The words have left me...just want to say that I was here and I will be back.

  2. "Why did we have to fall in love
    when we'd have to part?
    During the day I pretend to be strong
    but at night my pillow tells different tales
    of the pain laden tears that soak it.
    How will I make it without you?"

    That's so touching
    I can definately relate to this
    because i've been there

  3. As i always say, be strong, step a foot forward, suck it in and just believe in yourself :)

  4. I have come back..but there are still no words..just to say that I was here. I like the way you ended it..we pray and ask God to have his way. Forever does not have to be a fantasy.

  5. All you can do is believe that God will direct the path..

    I have been there.

  6. no this is mii

    this is where i am at

    and u said it so beautifully

    i am sooo going get him to read this.


  7. u know gurl, sometimes ... we don't want some things to come to an end or to stop but what don't know is that it could be God's plan that they shud end because there is a better place he wants to take us to. LOL, reminds me...when i look back and think of when i was in love ...yada yada b4 i moved... i see how i have evolved and know that the Jem of today and of the future needs something different, a destiny/purpose that is aligned with something or someone else that i probably would not have and cannot get if i was in that particular relationship. The Spirit knows what is best and in due time, u will see the thoughts of the father concerning this.

    Be strong my dear & of good faith.... this too shall pass and in the long run ...u'll be happy to say... "all things worketh for good"

  8. ur poems always take my breath

    hmmm...aren't we all hopeless romantics?

  9. these were my thoughts about two weeks ago... thankfully today i no longer worry because we get to be together for awhile longer... at least for another semester. hopefully things will work out for you too.

  10. you girl? hope you fine. Now can you pliz update?

  11. Something for you at my blog. Go check out! Merry xmas!

  12. hey!been a while!!
    u ok?
    really hope so

    just wanted to wish the best of the holida season.
    hope you will be letting us know how you are!

  13. come back soon!! Merry Xmas

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  15. straight from the heart....
    but then i'm just pointing out the

  16. Hi sweety, this is believer, i keep thinking about you. Please can u send me an email You have been missed

  17. Hi Lady
    i just read all your blogs i have only one word for your writings
    MAGNIFICENT I am eagerly wait your return

  18. nice one. too bad you haven't updated in ages. Hope all is well with you and yours nonetheless.

  19. Been ages since i was here but then i am glad i returned...the fire still burns bright...even behind the veil of the sadness of departure of he who is loved..

  20. Everytime I read this poem
    I have this up and down feeling
    It's so real and sad

    When r u updating now?

    Merry Xmas
    Happy New Year
    Happy valentine's Day
    Happy St. Patrick's Day
    Happy Easter

    You see how many holidays u've missed by not updating?