Thursday, 19 June 2008

Mr. Pain

Pain came visiting today,
me and him had a chat,
I told him to go away
but he wouldn't let us part.
It seems he's here to stay
and cause unbearable hurt.

He found it amusing
that i had murderous thought,
I'd tried to poison him
with the drugs that I'd bought,
He gave me a wolfish grin
and took off his coat.

You find it funny, i see
that i write about pain,
invite him for tea
see if you stay sane.
if you haven been me
don't hold me in disdain.

Ten years down the road,
I'm now Mrs Pain.
Don't call me poor sod,
he's on the move again.
So unless you're God,
wait for the rain.

NB: Just grumbling thanks to a tooth ache.


  1. Sorry o

    Toothache have a way of going straight to the brain

  2. ah! ah! pain is part of life, no pain no gain! tooth ache is the worse pain of all, but it's so that what's wrong can be fixed,.... the gain.

  3. pele o toothache aint no joke

    anyway hey blogville idol 08 is back!check our blog for more details!tanx

  4. you write really well even when you are in pain!! would have never guessed.
    when i hurt I whine and scream in my's kind of scary, frankly.

  5. well, good thing that tooth's out then, isn't it? :D