Monday, 2 June 2008

God did it for me

My heart was beating so loud,
it almost drowned my thoughts.
- I was walking towards your door.
a firm resolve put each foot ahead of the other,
told fear to step aside.
What was I going to say, I don't know.
That God told me to come and see you?
How silly would that sound.
Never mind that we never talked much,
that we are barely friends
But this once, I decided to listen to God.
Was going to obey whether I understood or not.
So I climbed up the stairs to your room.
You were at the door.
You said something and I said another.
It wasn't much but it was enough.
I didn't spend two minutes at your door.
You hugged me and I left.
I thought I had gone to your room
to encourage you.
But feeling the warmth
that crept from your hug,
I can't help but think;
God did it for me.


  1. Wow... I could feel every word you wrote in this piece... sometimes God is just awesome like that. We think we are being obedient for him, but really its for us, the sanity, comfort, peace and reassurance of our soul and faith in him..
    I like the piece.. very simple, very powerful and very much alive.

    ps... thanks for visiting..
    much luv

  2. Wowwwwwww...

    I remember feeling this way sooo many times, it's incredible...lolllllll...I loved this!!!!

  3. Obeying without making sense of whatever it is. God is indeed great. Happy new month!

  4. Sometimes God sends us to someone to encourage them and other times He send someone to us for them to encourage us. The joy of the Lord is our strength.

  5. Lovely, Oh how true, it's for our own benefit to listen and obey, to leave pride behind and just obey.

    Loved it SoooO!