Monday, 3 September 2007

Behind the glass

Been standing at this window,
watching you gaze at me.
You place your palm on the glass
and I put mine against it.
We talk and talk till
common sense tells us we must leave;
that you must work and I must study.
But always we come back to our glass,
to share our smiles,
share our stories, until the one day you ask
why I stand always on this side.
And I reply, a little sadly, that its safer here;
behind the glass.


  1. Life's all about taking chances and risks. Sometimes you just have to go after the real thing, move from behind the glass. Go from putting palms against glass to actually touching/shaking the palm and embracing the not behind the glass world. Liberation comes to those who dare,have faith and enough hope to try a new...

  2. begind da glass may be safer temporarily but you need to get out there and give it all...just like prettylyf said. Peace!!

  3. Behind the glass - protection from hurt but unfortunately protection from love too.

  4. i think it gets better for every update made......

    that second line is aaaarrh!!!! and surely they truely looked to be close in love....

  5. my first love story in uni was with a girl who was on the other side of the glass. she's still there - married to another.

  6. I first thought of prison. :o)
    Then I realised the glass ... cummon. Sex don't happen via the glass. ;o) Okay, I have weird priorities, but hey ...

  7. I love least what separates u both is a glass and not a wall!With time, maybe u may be able to break it? Nice one as always

  8. true perhaps but remember "the box in the loft?" not sure i'm ready to get it down again.

  9. Lovely Post

    Glass is breakable and box lies with you, nothing is impossible in a moment of passion.

  10. No! Just go ahead and break the glass and see what happens...

    Very lovely i muss say..

  11. WOW .... very short yet extremely deep with a strong message. Sometimes, both people just need to come out the glass and get out of the comfort zone you know. If the other person is sensitive enough and bolder, they help you out with it.

  12. I SO LOVE THIS.... Sometimes are afraid to take a chance.

  13. wow... as usual... i have failed to make any more comments...okay i got one...two thumbs up!****

  14. Just dropping by to say wusup! Have a blessed week and pls come back!

  15. your blog gives me chills.. for it is so simple but yet so endearing and sweet. A great writer you are!

  16. just gettig better and better as I read and scroll

  17. this reminds mii of a long distance relationship

    but then i get to the end i'm like