Thursday, 4 October 2007

People in love

I watch you hold the pain that you won't share.
and try to pretend its not there.
Yet inside, I know you're bleeding
and that pride keeps you from weeping.
So I too pretend that I dont notice your pain
because I know you'd push me away.
The thing is, I'm not as strong as you
and I find myself crying for you.
So you hold me and wonder why I cry,
wonder what trouble passed by.
Love, I cry for me, and I cry also for you
Because people in love, that's what they do.


  1. Love causes a person to bleed when their lover is bleeding, and to bristle with happiness when their other half is happy...

    It's a beautiful thing, innit?

  2. so touching and is such a painfully sweet feeling!

  3. beautiful
    hmmmm sharing a person's pain

    i love it

    okay so can someone figure out who this mustafa is he posted a comment on my blogs also>>>

  4. You've looked into my heart and written from deep within me...

  5. beautiful....... isn't love so selfless?

  6. you write with such sweet simplicity Robert Frost would be jealous!!
    I'm going to brag about knowing you-hows that?

  7. i wish i had read this a few years ago. i needed it then, so bad. Its true, sometimes you hide things because you believe that people expect you to be happy and you've boasted so much about how great your love is, that you find yourself unable to bite your tongue. nice writeup. appreciated.

  8. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L...thats all i can say..

  9. people in love, that how they write. woow

  10. Love is what makes Living Worthwhile....

  11. very beautiful.
    people who are truly in love feel each other's pain.