Friday, 13 April 2007

Your Love Letter.

Its so easy to forget, you're there when there's excitement, when there's noise, when there's clamor; but there are those moments when the soul gets quiet, when despite the fanfare,
there's a great calm within, its as if I'm in the middle of a tornado, and at those times, music is but a background and its as if it echoes the loneliness i feel within.

I know that no matter what i try to hide it with, the truth is whenever you're not around i miss you.There's this joy, i feel when am right with you, its as if you're always smiling down at me, and its like its sunny all the time, and although i know you love me even when i go wrong, i don't ever want anything to get between us.

Because, who else listens to me like you do, who else knows the things i feel and can't say, who else sees the tears i dare not show,who else laughs at my scanty attempts at a joke.

There are those times when i get so angry with you, i feel like you've abandoned me, like you don't care anymore but when i look around, i know there's no way else i can run to. and anyway its like you said before, you'll never leave me nor forsake me. so even when times get really hard, and i feel like you're so far, I'll read the love letter you left me with.

I'll read of the number of times you rescued your people and I'll know you'll rescue me.

When I'm depressed, I'll read the psalms, David and i, we have a lot in common, when i see what he went through, and the praise he still gives you, I'll praise you.

When i need a healer, I'll read Isaiah and remember how you were stripped so i can be healed.

When i need a friend, I'll read John and see that you no longer consider me a servant but a friend.

When i need a guide, I'll remember in Exodus how you guided the people of Israel, you were a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.

When i need a protector, I'll read about Daniel in the Lion's den.

When i need mercy, I'll read Hebrews about how you are not one not to show sympathy.

When i need a dad, I'll read Hosea, of how you will show love to those who were unloved how you will call your people, those who were called otherwise.

And it doesn't matter how i feel. all that matters is what i believe. So though its seems like you're so far, i know you're close and for a while, I'm going to forget everything and read your love letter to me.


  1. Amazing! You just reminded me of so much. I've been feeling lost this week. Until just yesterday I had a full plate, not knowing what to let go and what to keep but God made a way and now I read this and my soul is uplifted!

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. this is really deep you know one of those articles you read and they touch deep!

  3. @prettylyf: That kind of response is what makes writing all the more worthwhile to me.

    Nanette: we need to talk