Monday, 16 April 2007

Jesus Must be a tailor!

Life so often batters us, so many times we feel like life took one whole mouthful of us, chewed us up and then spat us out, the missed opportunities, lost dreams, the heart breaks, disappointments, betrayals all serve to rip us apart, beat us down.

I felt like that this morning, like my foot was stuck on the rails and i could distinctly hear the sounds of a train in a distance, heading my way. because we have to go on so many of us try to mend our wounds by ourselves. We seat up all night and stitch up the wounds with hatred, anger, unforgiveness, pity, alcohol and drugs.

If we took a peek at our own hearts, we'd feel what Jesus feels when he sees the ugly make shift patterns we have. Tacks so loose, that when even a shred of disappointment comes our way, the threads easily come a part, opening wounds of so long a go.

But when i let Jesus mend my heart, he does it so neatly. He knits, weaves and embroiders beautiful patterns. You see, Jesus can't take the scars away because, sometimes I've made mistakes and there are consequences for them but he does embroider quilts so beautiful, that I'm no longer afraid to look at the past mistakes and disappointments. He takes the mess and makes a piece of art.

Those times when condemnation sinks in and i regret the path i trod, wish my past hadn't hurt that much. I look inside my heart, at the all the beauty He makes from all the muddle i had before and i know it was worth it, if only Christ could work in my heart..


  1. I'll tell you what ... You write well; and after reading most of your posts, your head is in the right place. But then who am I to judge? I enjoyed being here.

  2. thanks, i dont know about my head but i know my heart is, and i can't say it was my choice,kinda hard not to fall in love with someone who knows you completely and loves you glad you passed through.