Tuesday, 7 August 2007

The box in the loft

I pulled the suitcase down
from its hiding place high up
in my bedroom loft.
I brushed off the dust and opened it.
Years ago, I'd opened this suitcase
and got my heart out.
I'd decided to love despite the risk.
Chosen to take the plunge.
I wasn't going to shrink
at the sight of love.
I was going to give my heart away
and if it got broken,
I'd hold it but only till I found
someone else to give it to.
But when I met you,
you changed my way of thinking.
I didn't know a person could
hurt as much as this.
Didn't know I could
feel this much pain.
You made me afraid.
Afraid of loving anyone as
much as I love you because
then they'd have so much
power over me.
Much like you do.
So I got the suitcase out
and I'm placing my heart
back in there.
I'm putting my love for you in a box
and I'm going to lock it up forever.
Sure I'll still be your friend but
I'll never let myself love you
this much again.
Call me a coward if you will,
I'll never let myself love
another this much again.


  1. sorry guys about the recurring theme. will try to write something brighter next time.

  2. Heh.
    But, still, this dark stuff is kinda in step with me right about now ... makes it the perfect thing, as in. You know.
    Anti-love and all that, you know. :o)

  3. dont ever let the fear of good relationships gone bad deter you from finding and giving that wish you want. You hold the aces ;)

  4. boyzIImen once sand "never let a broken heart take your chance to love again, away"...i know, it sucks, but not loving sucks even more. we made to love.

  5. When I read your poems, I feel like you are taking the words right out of my heart but just putting them in a more coherent way. As for the recurring theme, it doesn't matter write what comes.

  6. It hurts but when it heals and yo back in the loving business its worthy

  7. 27th: much as right now the idea sounds good. we can't leave without love. so reverse the anti-love attitude.

    3types:thank you.

    aoko:glad that you were.

    ugo: true, besides, when your heart decides to love, its hard to say no.

    disgodkidd:true, true.

    prettylyf: glad you understand.

    believer:thank you.

    be silent:it is worthy.

  8. I think I am turned on by powerful writing. This is such a turn on. May your heart heal - and may you find the strength to get the suitcase out over and over again.

  9. this is staright 4rm d heart!nice one!

  10. I don't want to think about the feeling that covers you when love goes bad. Problem is we say never,never again, but years later find ourselves surrendering to love again.

  11. I just felt u on every sentence, I dont why bt it just beat close home!!

  12. that's a really great poem, makes you feel all the emotions.

  13. Oh my Gosh with this i was right there with you following the hearts journey and sorrow on a similar road i too have taken(though less travelled now) and now i too am in the suitcase(the one you have painted with ink...makes sense right?

  14. If there's anything I love, it's poetry and i love a site that's ready to unleash it at will.

    Nice work