Thursday, 19 February 2009

The Beginning

There was a sharp knock on the door, it roused her from her pilgrimage to the past and her eyes began to focus again on the drugs in her hand. How many were they? 20? 30? She didn't know. How many were enough to ensure you never woke up? That knock on the door again. Irritating but I suppose if your going to die having a few visitors doesn't hurt. The pills were dropped into a drawer in the desk along with the empty can they came in.

"Just a minute,"she shouted at the door, got up from the chair and stumbled to the mirror. She looked terrible, the make up from the day before still on, in smudges. She turned on the tap and bent over into the bath tub, letting the water run over her face and her hair, grabbed a towel, rubbed briskly before looking into the mirror again. Not much improvement. The knock on the door again.

"I said am coming!",she roared, hurried to the door and pulled the door open to reveal the plump figure of her bewildered aunt. Her eyes widened at Samalie's ghastly sight, it took her a moment before the urgency of her errand took over.

"Its your mother, she's been in an accident."


  1. 1st.ill take the claim n you ever amazing stories
    3rd.i love the endings.

  2. Yay! She took my advice. May the stories begin! :)

    *I'm waiting on the middle and the ending.

  3. Wow! So writing brilliant pieces is in the family

  4. love the ending too...funny how the sense of death becomes so prominent when someone close to you dies, or comes close to it, even if you weren’t aware of can still feel it...

  5. i am so loving the begining..i cant wait for the middle...dont keep me waiting for too long hun..