Monday, 20 April 2009


You sit there with your chisel steadily
whittling away at my patience,
looking for wounds to reopen,
scouring for untouched places to lay claim to,
unmarked skin to scar.
With such singleminded determination,
its almost admirable,
over and over again you curve at my spirit,
until I feel like my sanity is lost.
Sometimes it is indeed lost.
You give me bruises and think I cannot see
that although they are hidden,
the gashes and slashes mark you too.
So when I hurt, when the pain is intense,
I remind myself that you don't know any better
and that you're hurting too,
that when you curve at me,
you want to make another you.
Am afraid I can only be me,
the anger and bitterness would only wear me down.
Jab and stab as much you like
but I'll forgive every cut and spite.
I only have time to be who I am,
I'm letting the wounds heal cause
I refuse to be another you.


  1. Ok...raw with emotion, masterly woven, the imagery is great...this i'm archiving..nice

  2. wow
    i have to read this one again

    hmm trying to still figure it out

  3. Power to you, sis. I'd probably grab that chisel and hack back!
    But as sleek said, this is raw, and it is potent.

  4. Dude...These are timely words..words spewed out of a heart thats not ready to be put down by the acrimonies of the past.I feel your pain..and i feel your hurt.Many a times..we dont realize how much we hurt ourselves holdin on to past hurts thinkin we tryna pay someone back...Your words are so emotional and touchin...Good job...i like...

  5. Wow. Raw and tasty, I think.

  6. this is nice, really nice, raw and tastey like petesmama put it

  7. thoughts all too familiar couldnt be better expressed. i love the resolve at the end.

  8. i love the resolution at the end too...
    "I'm letting the wounds heal cause
    I refuse to be another you."

    that just does it for you be..?