Friday, 30 March 2007

Do You Really Know

I could hardly wait for you to wake up today. I wanted to see your smile as you gazed at the sunlight, I made just for you and listen as you closed you eyes and just thanked me for the day ahead. You didn’t use big words and your prayer wasn’t long, but I could hear the love with which you prayed. It seemed to flow right out of you and suddenly I just couldn’t wait to bless you.

I watched as you searched your closet, for what to wear to church, never quite finding anything just right. You finally gave up and just grabbed anything because you were running late. I’ve never quite understood why all my children fuss so much about clothes. It’s the inside that matters and therein you look great to me.

I knew you couldn’t see the angels moving beside you as you walked up the hill to church but I opened up the eyes of the idle man who was thinking of grabbing your bag and when He saw two huge men walking on either side of you, he changed his mind.

Right after fellowship, I saw you suppress your shyness and walk up to someone you’d never seen before just to say hi, and I felt my heart swell with pride and I wonder do you know just how much I love you, how just being with you makes me so happy.

It’s not because you’re perfect, you make mistakes here and there, don’t think I didn’t see you pretend not to see the beggar by the road although you could easily afford to give him a coin or two.

I love you, because you’re mine. And there are these things you do that just make me want bless you all the time. Like the times you just let go of everything and worship me and in those times its as if its just you and me in that room and no one else, like the times when nothing seems to go right but still you choose to trust that I’m in still in control, the times you listen to your mom and wash the dishes when you’d rather watch a nice movie.

It’s these things that make me want to bless you and today I wrote this because I wonder, do you really know just how much I love you?


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  2. Brilliant writing!

    I went to church this past sunday. Praise and worship was awesome! I don't know why but i've been telling everyone since.

  3. wish you you would share with us more often