Friday, 23 March 2007

It began with a smile

There's something about you that's so special.
If there ever was a being, close to an angel,it would be you.
Your bright smile, your thoughtfulways,
all such an intricate part of you.
Yet your beauty is not in perfection,
not even in the fact that you could so easily be an angel.
Your beauty is the human side of you.
The part that lets itself laugh, the part that lets itself cry,
the part that makes mistakes, (the part that's afraid to love).
Because it was those emotions we shared
-even when you wouldn't let anyone see your tears.
I don't love you because your strong
(although, you almost always are),
I love that in your weakness, you draw strength
from the great I am.
Even as i write this, time's speeding by,
and i don't know where the sands of time
will take us, but i pray this prayer over you;
That tears will never blind you so much
that you can't see His grace,
I pray life's bounty of blessings over you,
I pray that when you fall in love, it will be with "him",
The one God's set out for you.
I pray that God will use you in so many ways,
to bring light to other people's lives
like you have mine.
I pray that you might get the desire of your heart,
But perhaps most of all i pray that,
someday when all this is over,
I'll still be the third roomie even in Heaven!

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