Friday, 23 March 2007

Love of my life

Sometimes, i miss being in love,
the quickened heart beat,
the constant day dreams,
and the secret smiles,
sometimes i long for someone
to once again take my breath away,
for someone whose name is enough
to make my day,
someone to fill my every other thought
at work or play,
then i remember that the reason there is no one
is because there was You.
You used to be enough,
the thought of You gave me joy,
i can't explain, gave me such
happiness, nothing else mattered
and in my heart, i knew that anyone else
would always be second to You.
But lately
I've gotten so far from You,
Have chosen to live my own life,
and now there is that emptiness,
I know no Prince Charming could fill,
and so like a child, i come back and ask,
would you take your place again?
Lord, would You become the Love of life?


  1. I once read somewhere "When we feel so far from God we should check to see who moved. God or us?"

  2. You couldn't be more right. I'm glad that although I sometimes move, He never does. There's this something about Him that keeps calling me back. Me and JC, we're forever.