Friday, 30 March 2007

Do You Really Know

I could hardly wait for you to wake up today. I wanted to see your smile as you gazed at the sunlight, I made just for you and listen as you closed you eyes and just thanked me for the day ahead. You didn’t use big words and your prayer wasn’t long, but I could hear the love with which you prayed. It seemed to flow right out of you and suddenly I just couldn’t wait to bless you.

I watched as you searched your closet, for what to wear to church, never quite finding anything just right. You finally gave up and just grabbed anything because you were running late. I’ve never quite understood why all my children fuss so much about clothes. It’s the inside that matters and therein you look great to me.

I knew you couldn’t see the angels moving beside you as you walked up the hill to church but I opened up the eyes of the idle man who was thinking of grabbing your bag and when He saw two huge men walking on either side of you, he changed his mind.

Right after fellowship, I saw you suppress your shyness and walk up to someone you’d never seen before just to say hi, and I felt my heart swell with pride and I wonder do you know just how much I love you, how just being with you makes me so happy.

It’s not because you’re perfect, you make mistakes here and there, don’t think I didn’t see you pretend not to see the beggar by the road although you could easily afford to give him a coin or two.

I love you, because you’re mine. And there are these things you do that just make me want bless you all the time. Like the times you just let go of everything and worship me and in those times its as if its just you and me in that room and no one else, like the times when nothing seems to go right but still you choose to trust that I’m in still in control, the times you listen to your mom and wash the dishes when you’d rather watch a nice movie.

It’s these things that make me want to bless you and today I wrote this because I wonder, do you really know just how much I love you?

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

I made a discovery

I was wondering today,
why i couldn't give the whole of me
why i couldn't love another,
so completely,
and i heard my heart whisper,
from deep inside of me,
dear, you can't love another,
if you won't love me.

Friday, 23 March 2007

Love of my life

Sometimes, i miss being in love,
the quickened heart beat,
the constant day dreams,
and the secret smiles,
sometimes i long for someone
to once again take my breath away,
for someone whose name is enough
to make my day,
someone to fill my every other thought
at work or play,
then i remember that the reason there is no one
is because there was You.
You used to be enough,
the thought of You gave me joy,
i can't explain, gave me such
happiness, nothing else mattered
and in my heart, i knew that anyone else
would always be second to You.
But lately
I've gotten so far from You,
Have chosen to live my own life,
and now there is that emptiness,
I know no Prince Charming could fill,
and so like a child, i come back and ask,
would you take your place again?
Lord, would You become the Love of life?

He saves

Life sometimes hits us with more
than we can stand,
and when we think it's over
we find its only just began.

when we think it couldn't
possibly get worse than this,
something sets in
to wipe away any bliss.

there was a time when it seemed
that's all life was about.
an endless tirade of guilt, shame,
fear and self doubt.

that's when i realised that
in life nothing stays the same
and sure they'll be times of
immeasurable pain,

but there is something that will never change,
He'll never stop being who He is,
He's our healer, counselor, comforter,
our prince of peace,

when life throws you into a storm,
look not at the waves
look at the never changing King,
our Jesus saves.


I'd given the world my heart,
and chosen to live the dream, it had given me.
In this game I played apart,
until you opened my eyes and let me see.

I was living a life of emptiness,
Going wherever the world took me.
And yet even in that, the world demanded my best,
It wanted everything even my sanity.

You showed me where my life was leading.
I couldn't hide my frustration under a heap of success.
That the world cared nothing about what i was feeling
In fact, it couldn't care less.

What i find so amazing,
is how you could know me so completely,
yet your love remains so unchanging.
I marvel, that a God like you could love some one like me.

It began with a smile

There's something about you that's so special.
If there ever was a being, close to an angel,it would be you.
Your bright smile, your thoughtfulways,
all such an intricate part of you.
Yet your beauty is not in perfection,
not even in the fact that you could so easily be an angel.
Your beauty is the human side of you.
The part that lets itself laugh, the part that lets itself cry,
the part that makes mistakes, (the part that's afraid to love).
Because it was those emotions we shared
-even when you wouldn't let anyone see your tears.
I don't love you because your strong
(although, you almost always are),
I love that in your weakness, you draw strength
from the great I am.
Even as i write this, time's speeding by,
and i don't know where the sands of time
will take us, but i pray this prayer over you;
That tears will never blind you so much
that you can't see His grace,
I pray life's bounty of blessings over you,
I pray that when you fall in love, it will be with "him",
The one God's set out for you.
I pray that God will use you in so many ways,
to bring light to other people's lives
like you have mine.
I pray that you might get the desire of your heart,
But perhaps most of all i pray that,
someday when all this is over,
I'll still be the third roomie even in Heaven!

Thursday, 22 March 2007

No farther than my heart

Thought about you today,
Thought the ache would go away.
But i still feel the same way.

I cant hide behind a nonchalant poise
inside, i still long to hear your voice
and sometimes i do, above every other noise.

Now we're miles and years apart,
but you're right here beside me in my heart,
a figure that just wont remain in the past.

sometimes i wish for you,
wish that the miles between us were few,
and that the words we should have said weren't over due,

yet i'll always treasure the time we spent together,
fondly remember, the thoughts we shared with each other,
and i know, i'll forever keep you in my heart and no farther.

The Feather in my hand

In a green green meadow, i stand,
holding this feather in my hand.
where its been and where it will go, i know not,
I only know inside, i envy it a lot.
Perhaps its seen the deserts of the sahara,
the polar bears and seals of Alaska.
It must have seen an eagle in flight,
basked in an Indian twilight,
heard the sounds of the African drum,
probably arose from an Australian farm.
I wish i could coax it to speak,
But it remains silent,quiet and meek.
And i unfortunately can only dream,
of the beautiful places, this feather has been.

For You

For You
For the one who loves me,

even when i don't love myself,
for the one who gives me dreams,
even when i'm too afraid to dream anymore.
for the one who gives me life,
even when it seems like i have no reason to live.
for the one who makes me smile,
even when tears still run down my face.
for the one who never leaves me,
even when i try to run so far away from you.
for You my love, i've written this poem.
its no ordinary ode.
because wrapped in a poet's words,
You'll see, is my heart.