Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Teach me

You want me to give me a gift...
any gift you say?
Then teach me how to laugh again,
to stretch my lips in a smile.
Life's been so busy
and in living it
I somehow forgot how to smile;
how to laugh till my ribs hurt,
how to laugh till tears flow.
I want to be merry and chirpy
and sunny and joyful.
Give me one day of merry laughter,
I want to remember what it was like.
You want to give me a gift,
teach me how to laugh


  1. Wow! How do you teach one to laugh? how to smile? do you make them realize what beauty surrounds them? or do you make them watch a show that tickles them? or tell them a joke? or take them back to their happy place? mostly the latter...

    Smile God loves you!!!

  2. You want me to give me a gift...

    i love this line

  3. how powerful are those lines! beautiful. just beautiful

  4. You want me to give me a gift....

    thats says it all.

  5. (Sigh)
    This is very nice...
    How on Earth do you teach one to laugh?...Watching babies normally gets me to smile..

  6. I like... Not sure if laughter can be taught, however it can somewhat be born by embracing the decision to smile, regardless the rain, pain, even when it feels like one is going insane.

    I really like this piece...

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