Monday, 4 June 2007

If I could ask for one thing

Lord if you appeared to me one night,
and told me to ask for whatever I'd like,

I'd ask for Your eyes.

Solomon asked for wisdom,
and some would ask for freedom,

But all I want is Your eyes.

I want to see past the smiles they're faking,
and into the heart that's breaking.

With your eyes,

Let me see beyond the quarrelsome shrew,
into the heart that's in need of you.

Give me Your eyes,

That I might see beneath their bossy exterior,
To the timid soul who feels inferior,

With these eyes,

I'd like to see beyond the masks they wear,
and perceive the burdens they bear.

If I had Your eyes,

I'd see past the beggar's guise,
and into the heart that cries.

Because of Your eyes,

I wouldn't judge them,
-I'd simply love them.


  1. wow.. intersting.. i would not have thought to ask for the eyes sha

  2. I would have asked for freedom but the eyes are a better deal!

  3. Interesting! Got me thinkin If this was possible what a lovely place the world would be..Without Fakes n the rest!
    Great Thinkin...

  4. well thought out and significantly important, or better still, Gods brain so you can be da best in whatever you do...'smile'

  5. i love this..i really like it...

    and this is what i took in my heart from the poem "I'd see past through beggar's guise,
    and into the heart that cries." becos of ur eyes

  6. wow! M-A-G-N-I-F-I-C-E-N-T

    Makes me wonder what I'd want...

  7. awesome poem!! you better be proud of your bad-ass self!

  8. i like. one of the instructions god gave me to live my life by since 2006 is "see right". thanks for visiting.

  9. this is beautiful...simply beautiful, feather. I love your blog. I love your words. Thanks for allowing God to use you to touch my heart.

  10. Thank y'all, writing is a pleasure as it is but when even one person is blessed, little else gives me as much joy.
    Ijeoma: actually i don't believe i in myself would have thought about asking for the eyes, i believe, He placed the idea in this heart of mine.

    Komi: i think that's what i wanted.He offered me the better deal.

    klara:there wouldn't be fakes and just think of how much love, there'd be.

    ugo:thank you. i smiled back.

    pink-satin:glad u like it. it would mean, we'd never have to cry alone.

    prettylyf:go ahead and think about it, then hurry up and post it, so we read and enjoy.

    scotchbiscuits: Oh I am, mostly because i believe it gave a message and the message was received.

    disgodkidd:that's a nice summary to everything really. see right.

    urban butterfly:Glory to God. glad He's using me in a way that I enjoy.You know how it is, you're a writer too.

  11. Thanks for stopping and Glory be to God. Think I must have mentioned in your earlier posts that you are poet. Only you do know it is all I can say to you. This is amazing! God bless and hope you all have a great day.

    btw: If I could ask God for anything, it will be for everyone on earth to have nothing but love in their hearts. I love you all.

  12. this is extremely deep .... i can tell it came from your heart.

  13. Very nice.

    Amy Grant sang song, "Father's eyes"- okay she sang this like a long time ago. But it has a similar kind of feel to it.

    Liking it.

  14. Feather.. I'm going to stop posting comments on your blog because all I ever get to say is...



  15. Pseudo: love:God's greatest gift to man.

    Jem: It did, and I pray God answers my prayer.

    Mudamuli: thank you

    three types of crazy:heard someone talk about the song, never heard the lyrics though. just checked them out.i think God's trying to say something, perhaps that really is His desire for us.

    quintessence:thank you

    sparkle: thanks for passing by

    pea: don't stop! lovely to know you've been around.

  16. I bet it's not for nothing that eyes are called the windows to the soul.
    enjoyed the poem

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  18. eh! i thought i was a poet! lord! i am astonished and amazed, geez! so lovely in its delicate simplicity
    have you ever thought of publishing, i am thinking of doing so.

  19. duksey: that's true.

    Pink-satin: I checked it out yesterday actually, but i can hardly say a note, much less sing. my voice would probably spice things up, negatively. sorry but i think i'll leave that to the more talented.

    lulu: publishing, maybe someday. You should and when you do, let me know so i can buy my copy.

  20. too.

    These lines are so cute!

    Good writting girl..!

  21. I almost cried on this one i swear.maybe because God has been teaching me not to judge people.
    am going to print it and place it in my journal,may i?

    may i also ask how the campus things are coming along?

  22. for I'm wondering what i would have asked from the lord

    very nice post

  23. i was almost tempted not to post this comment seeing all the overwhelming commentary but i cant help but say this literally yanked my heart out with awe and then humility and then got me close to tears...for all my sinfulness that is covered by this mortal body..thanks for making this first impression, impressionable!