Thursday, 31 May 2007

An Angel's journal

It was a busy day in Heaven today and though almost everyday, there are several missions God sends us to, today was extremely busy, and all over heaven we could hear the cry of saints all over the earth begging, crying and asking for one thing or another and although most of the people did not deserve any help at all, King Jesus, lost time in sending us their way to offer help or comfort where necessary whenever they asked.

The Lord had sent me to help a young lady in the delivery room for the first time, it wasn't easy trying to speak comfort and peace to her heart when she was filled with fear. She had given her life to Jesus ten years ago when she was nine and here she lay in a hospital bed, alone and afraid, trying to have her baby alone because the young "Christian" boy who had promised to marry her had decided she wasn't important anymore.

Broken she'd come before the Lord, feeling worthless. I wish she could see the love with which my Lord looks at her. He'd promised her she'd never be alone and there we were in the hospital room. One of the other angels began to sing, softly, that seemed to calm her fear, and when the baby was born, the song remained in her heart. The child was a girl and she was named melody. I couldn't help being pleased with myself. It was a job well done.

It was hardly over when I was on the move again, saving an old man from an accident as he crossed the road then Jesus sent me to hug a little boy who was lonely and often cried himself to sleep. I held him as he cried and stayed by him all night then left him to his guardian angel. That was how the day was spent; rushing from one mission to the next.

I was China with a very sick old lady, staying with her and waiting to meet her when she crossed over to meet our Lord, when suddenly, a pleasant sound, a wonderful harmony seemed to rise up from somewhere on earth, and for a minute everyone stopped what they were doing, I watched as angel after angel arose from their tasks, some grateful for a little distraction because they'd just been helping people who continued to look at he negative side of things no matter what God tried to do for them. We all arose to see where the wonderful, sound came from.

And there amidst all the tumult and noise, this young lad was raising his voice in praise and adoration. Don't get me wrong, lots of people praise, but when even one person does so in Spirit and in truth, the heartfelt worship, rises in heaven, I could feel joy rising up in me, everyone around me whooped and yelled, I joined the excitement, its not all the time that you get to hear such earnest worship. It's not that people don't worship. Many do, it's just that often times, it's a routine to them and some do so because they want to ask God for something. The sound that was filling up the Heavens was soooo beautiful. When you've had a day like mine, spent rescuing people, listening to people's complaints. There is something so wonderful, so refreshing, so divine, so marvellous about hearing just one soul declare his unfaltering, unwavering love for the Lord.

As everyone danced and made noise, I looked at Jesus, and they were tears running down His face, I walked towards Him and when I reached His side, He pointed to a paper that lay beside the man, He'd been diagnosed with cancer and given no more than three months to live. Then I understood why tears ran down his face, while so many of the saints below would most certainly have complained, he'd chosen to bless the Lord.


  1. Oh dear, ny first tym on ya blog and am so loving the inspiration therein.

    Will be back for more. Remain blessed!

  2. im leaving blogsville very shortly and will stop by on the way out to drop a comment on the above post. I would like to say goodbye. See you soon. Best wishes and God bless

  3. Beautiful. Thanks for the reminder of God's constant care.

  4. Going by general consensus i think ill be staying in blogsville for a bit longer although am heading to naija in a week. Also its not easy to leave those you love. I love all you guys to bits.

    ps: Throughout the Bible, God shows how we expected to care for each other. Great post!

  5. really nice post.. I love the story. very empowering and reassuring.. Welcome to by blog roll sha!

  6. I tried posting my comment last week but my machine refused! I liked the post, loved it actually.
    I guess that's the meaning of "give thanks in all circumstances"! Beautiful.

  7. they say big boys dont cry, i dont think you are being fair to me!
    You are making me reach the edge!
    Well i love this "outside looking in" point of view...i now agree with your profile need to write on the are doing it right now!