Tuesday, 29 May 2007

To love again

I've come to realise,
that the tears that fall from these eyes,
in this short span of life.
because of sadness,
sorrow and strife,
are well worth the pain,
If I could love again,
for tears cleanse the soul.
They give vent to things that need to go
and they make the body whole.
These are the little things i know
for love is well worth the pain,
and hate such an unnecessary strain,
for we were made to love,
so says the Lord above,
If it meant to love we must cry,
a happy soul I'd still die,
because for love, Christ gave,
In love, I was saved.


  1. Christ's love saves us. Hate is beyond unnecessary and ungodly too.

    Tears cleanse, they create closure and enhance a new beginning.

    Well put!

  2. God this is beautiful it does make sense now.

  3. Love is worth the tears...and when the pain has drained away joy and laughter follow.

  4. Dont know if I have said to you, you are a poet but do not know it. I really enjoyed this. Great post. God bless.

  5. Aww... I'm sorry I can't post an overly intelligent comment... this is beautiful!

    Hi... first time over... I'll definitely be back.

  6. you are really good writer sha... that much is evident..