Monday, 21 May 2007

I want mine to last forever

I can't help but wonder,
How two people meant to be together,
How two lives destined to be One,
How love so profound,
Could somehow dwindle to bitterness.
Was there never a time,
When the world was beautiful,
Because of this one person,
Was there never a time,
When the thought of that name,
brought an endless series of litanies,
within your heart.
Was there never a time,
when your water was wine,
Just because you shared it
with that person.
Whatever happened to the stolen kisses,
secret rendezvous, the love filled notes,
the endless chatter...
Call me a helpless romantic,
Call me a fool...
But I want mine to last forever!


  1. i want mine to last forever too!!

    lovely poem!htt

  2. I want mine to last forever too! Forever...I want to know no other but this. So I give it to God and pray only His will be done upon us

  3. You have a way with your words.Interesting poem.

    "how love so profound, could somehow dwindle to bitterness" you think the answer may lie in the line, "a fine line between love and hate"...sadly.

  4. cute poem! I am right there on the wanting forver list!!

  5. Yeeaah, someone feels the same. After being in a world where divorce is common place, you find so much cynicism and you question whether this kind of love even exists. Glad to see that there are those who believe it does. Thank you for passing by.

  6. Yours will surely last forever..mine?...i donno..tho i would've liked.
    Lovely poem..keep 'em comin'...

  7. hi, how are you, that poem you read on my post is actually my own, wow, i love that thingie you say on your profile, be able to sit on the moon and write across the sky... my own dream!
    lovely poetry rtoothanx for stopping by

  8. It's when I read these kinds of poems that I start to think I should actually begin to believe in love. Maybe sometime, if not now.
    But the `forever' part is the hardest. `Forever'? That kind of saps my faith ...

  9. I fear marriages for the 'foreverness' about them and always wonder if it is possible to sustain the romance. There is only one way to find out and I hope it will be a case of endless love. Rich post.

  10. These days, for most people, forever isn't a problem. There is afterall divorce. but i need to believe that there is a forever kind of love. because if there isn't, i'd rather remain single all my life. Thanx guys for passing by.