Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Familiar Strangers

Worlds apart,
You and I,
so close.
Yet so far,
so clear,
Yet so blurred,
right here,
and yet there,
so dear,
yet so cold,
You say nothng's changed,
It's all the same,
Why then, am i so lonely,
when I'm with you?!


  1. First time at yours...beautiful. Thanks for visiting Gleam.

  2. Closing pair of lines comes in rather strong, a fitting closing to the ode. Neat. Very.

  3. Time has a way to change people and things. I could be wrong...

    Terrific Tuesday!

  4. Thanx Komi for passing by.

    27th, glad You like it.

    Prettylyf: sometimes its time, other times its the things we leave unsaid.

  5. sweets..i agree at times its things we leave unsaid..don't leave to regret not having said anything.
    "why then am i so lonely when am with you"..damn,i know that feeling!

  6. Wrote it when I couldn't understand why i was missing someone even when when I was in their company. Thanks betty for passing by.

  7. True thing...people say that i ask for too much.Do i?..i hate the feeling..when he's far,it's understandable..not when he's right next door...i feel you girl.

  8. I feel this way sometimes.

  9. nice...hope you will stopping by anytime soon.

    Cheers and see you around