Thursday, 24 May 2007

My Seven

This one's been long in coming. Sorry Betty. You tagged me earlier but the poetry always seemed to burst forth then. I don't know what you'd like to know.
  • I love cartoons. Still hate it when I miss Sesame street on t.v. (I know it sounds childish but every one has a little kid inside, mine just comes out this way).
  • I love words but i guess you know that already.
  • I love milk. Something about it just relaxes me. (You can add that to childish trait no.2 but that's okay).
  • I can hardly wait to get to heaven. There are lots of questions I'd like to ask God and then there are the several people I'd like to meet. Like Jesus(still don't know why He'd love someone like me),Paul, David, Thomas, Noah. Then I'd like to ask Jonah what it was like to be in the belly of a fish for three days and did he actually think he could run away from God? (Interesting question, considering that I've tried several times).
  • I started sunday school in my backyard when we wouldn't go to church. I'd gather the neighbourhood kids and preach. I was six then. That kid disappeared for a while, she's only just coming back. Told you can 't run away from God for long.When you try to, you get swallowed by a fish. Ask Jonah.
  • I find it extremely repulsive when people spit in public. It's bad enough when a guy does it, but when it's a lady, it's absolutely atrocious.
  • I hate pornography and what it does to people especially my age. I want to help the youth my age overcome it. Want to get people to open up and stop struggling with it. Get help and move on. They don't have to be bound by it. So anyone need help, don't let shame or silence keep you in chains. "Shame can be defined as trying to hide what God's trying to uncover and heal"Archbishop Henry Orombi. Willing to help anyone who wants to let it go.

I guess that's it about me. I know am late but am going to tag prettylyf and scotchbiscuits anyway.


  1. Ooh, am sure this will not disappoint Betty. Anyone who can look at this blog with the guiltless eyes of a child will agree that poetry comes before learning.

    Btw: Thanks for stopping by.

  2. hey you lil feather, pretty child, i 'd like to think so.
    anyway how are and who are you really? i wont smite you like atreyu did the g'mork, haa! anyway i am sure gonna find out
    eh some letting me goet on some wild goose chase... well the results will prove how wild it was

    thanks for stopping by.

  3. Guys am not a child, much as i might act like one sometimes. Actually am a lot more grown up than i wish i was.and am not talking about age.

    Lu: no way am i telling you who i am. lol.

  4. Wow!Says alot about ur character! Must be God-fearing, Sweet Person..

  5. Hey sweetie- I was already tagged and I did my seven so go to mine and read them and comment LOL j/k but i appreciate the tag-thought :)

    You are hooked on sesame st? I can stand cartoons.NOT.

    I love words too. They fascinate me. I did a post on words not too long ago

    I'm lactose intolerant but I 'eat' milk in my cereal coz I love, love cereal

    I want to go to heaven too for eternal life. I love, love God and I know am nothing without Him. I want to meet the psalmist (David). I believe am a woman after David's own heart

    I liked sunday school. I wasn't a big fan but hey I outgrew that. Interesting that u started a sunday school. Very impressive :)

    Oh yes. That's a no-no why would someone have tenacity to spit in public it turns me off n it's too disgusting and uncouth. Sheesh.

    I hate Porn too. My heart goes out to anyone hook'd on it. I cannot put in words what I really feel about it. Good course Feather, great ministry do reach out to those who need it.

    Great sevens!

    p.s I also want to meet Job, bigtime

  6. Interesting seven. What question would I want to ask God? Good one. I need to think about in Heaven will we all be vegetarian..........seeing there will be no death. where is the nyake going to come from?

    But imagine walking side by side with God. The real deal not the burning bush. The one who tells the ocean where to stop..........CAN'T WAIT!

  7. hey , yeah i wrote all those poems on 'him'.
    and yeah i did lit but i think poetry and wrting has always been in my bones... somewhat i can write in my sleep !
    thanks for loving it.

  8. spitting is repulsive period.regardless of which sex is doing it.. it's perhaps my greatest turn off.

  9. ijeoma: true that, but you how ladies are supposed to be the more genteel sex. that somewhat makes it worse, don't you think?

  10. gosh am soo sorry am this late,been gone for a while, ok, lemmie finish reading, i love ure list so far>>