Thursday, 10 May 2007

Ssssshhh, be quiet, God's at work

I spent the whole of yesterday crying. Not the usual, silent tears that come coursing down, I boo-hooed quite a bit. I had a fight with my dad yesterday and you know what God told me to do? He told me to go tell him sorry. I rebelled and got mad at Him as well. Why is it that when my dad makes me cry, I have to be the one to say sorry, why is it that when he gets me depressed, I still have to be obedient and humble. Needless, to say, I got into a fight with God as well. It just didn't seem fair. In those moments when I was crying and felt like my heart would break, I could still feel God was there. It was a change. Many times, I don't feel like He's there even when I know He is. I didn't feel so alone then although I spent the whole time railing at Him. But am glad He was there. There are not too many people would seat and listen as I spent hour upon hour complaining, grumbling and (who am I kidding) just shouting. But God was there. I remember what I read in a comic strip, 'church mouse', that God understands broken hearts cause we break His heart everyday. I'm feeling better. Although, I'm still bitter, but God will take care of that. Still feel lost and a little empty but I've learnt to treasure some of these moments because God's at work. God sometimes needs to disorganise our worlds so He can catch our attention. It's a whole twenty four hours later but I can still feel the tears at the surface. God, what would I do without You. Thank You, for loving me.


  1. I can comment on this one (the last one, no).

    Um ... I kind of understand it pretty well. Thing is, if you look back, you'll realise you're glad things don't always turn out as you want them to.

    It's always good ahead.

  2. Honestly, I don't know why no one can comment on any of my last posts and rearranging those setting are somewhat beyond my computer know how. glad you passed by.

  3. Hey still I'm unable to comment on the posts below this one you need to go back and edit them to enable comments.

    Anyway since I read the Thank you Post I just wanted to share one of the verses that blesses my heart most Psalm 34:10 Young lions suffer want and hunger but those who seek and wait upon God lack no good thing.

    God bless you in everything. I love Numbers 29:13 I love, love it. It's so true. I can compare anyone to God or even liken anything to God. He is above and beyond everyone/thing!

  4. I was not doing too good today until I read the bit in your post,"God understands broken hearts because we break His every day".Thank you.

  5. This is what makes writing a pleasure, reading your comment just made my day

  6. Kumbe u fixed that problem, Was here sometime back n could not be able leave comment..
    I feel for u n what u r going through bt u r right sometimes Problems exist 2 make us strong!

  7. I meant I CANNOT compare God to anyone or liken Him to anything

  8. thought i was the only one who couldn't comment...i hope you are much better now though.
    didn't have much to say.just wanted to let you know i was here and your posts bless me...
    P.s: about the admissions on campus?God ALWAYS has a way.i can have my hand cut off just to say that hang in there.The entire Heaven(no pun intended) is counting on you to hang in there!!

  9. I can only say that where dads are concerned, a sorry even if you feel they do not deserve it normally solves very many problems. Experience is the best teacher, right? Trust me on that one.