Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Not Afraid

There was a time,
when I worried about
what people thought of me.
Would I be too weird,
if I spoke so much about You?
Would they stare,
if I raised my hands to Worship You?
If I closed my eyes
to say a prayer before I ate in a diner,
would I draw so much attention?
Would I be isolated if I told people
that my idea of a high
was being drunk in the Spirit.
But, I'm not afraid
to love YOU any more.

Lived this life and found,
there's no rest outside You.
If estrangement is the cost
of loving you,
It will only isolate me from,
anything that would keep me
away from you.
You're worth so much more,
than anything than I could give
yet You still love me,
so today I decide,
that I'll never again,
be afraid to love You.


  1. Nothing should matter.Nothing at all!,not even the air that you breath,not even the water that you drink.Love Him with all that you got,with all that you are.Coz no one,i repeat no one can do the things He does for you.No one can make you feel the way He makes you feel.There's a reason for everything.There's a reason why you look at Him the way you do,the reason why He looks at you the way He does.Just as much as there's a reason why this earth is rotating around the sun.Everyday and everynight,in everything you do,keep prayers as your first.God bless!..

    N:B You my mentor.

  2. Looks like God gets all the mail from the cute chics ... and the rest of us get nothing.:o(

    Next Project on my to-do list: Be God. For a while. I am Comrade Almighty!

  3. Jay: you're so right.and thank you, really!

    27th: lol! Get your hands nailed to a piece of wood after being beaten until you're unrecognizable then perhaps you'll qualify to be on the list of those who might be able to be God

  4. Shout it from the rooftops..God's never ashamed of us, so why should we be of him??

    27th-'s not fair huh?

  5. My motto remains, trust in the lord with all your heart adn he will never leave nor forsake you!

  6. Amen!!! And Amen. This is blessing me because I wrote something similar in my journal last night... not a poem though.

    27th: in addition to what Feather says, die in that state and wake up after three days! I assure you, you will instantly be put on the waiting list.

  7. Brilliant!

    I'm right there wit you, Feather on not been afraid to love our God.

    Ditto you kabisa on been afraid to lift my hands to worship Him that was my downfall sometime back but now heee I know where lifting those hands takes me

    I love love love love love my God

  8. Wow, well said. Loving it.I have to say, I have never been afraid of lifting my hands in worship- I have always thought, "you do not know the cost of my alabaster box." so judge me if you want. but you do not know where and what He has saved me from -nothing will keep me from raising my hands, dancing like no-one is watching,
    so stare, look at me strange but don't try to stop me.

    @27th comrade- bambi!!!nga HE is the one and Only

  9. amen! This has been on my mind alot in the last year or so, since I started college. Very nicely put. My pastor always reminds us of the scripture "if you are not ashamed of me before many, I will not be ashamed of you before my father" during the invitation. nice Job.

  10. @27th: Even them suicide bombers dont never qualify. U can only be god cos the devil is also god to multitudes but u cant be God. Drop the foly dawg cos i and i know dat aint never gon happen! but nuff love!