Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Too old to laugh

I watch you get ready for work,
the perfect makeup, the right clothes,
not a hair out of place.
Still you talk,
and I, as usual listen-
with only one ear.
"Stop taking life so casually,
there's a time to grow up,"
you say.
Should start thinking of what
I want to do with my life.
Start working for that promotion,
saving for a car,
begin to look out for a wedding ring.
And when you see my placid expression,
you exasperatedly say, that I've lost much,
before you walk out the door.
And perhaps you're right,
I do need to grow up,
I might have even lost much.
I can't help but think though,
that you've lost more.
The things we used to love,
don't mean much to you anymore.
You'd rather go to a cafe,
than just enjoy a picnic
on a Sunday afternoon,
you'd rather go to the cinema
than stay in one saturday
and revel in the antics of a
Tom and Jerry cartoon,
its important for you to
look sophisticated, smart and sassy
than get dirty with the rest of us
as we wrestle across the sand
on a beach for a volleyball.
You grew up too fast my dear,
and you grew too old to laugh.


  1. Preach it. Preach it! PREACH IT!

    As in, I and I take pleasure in not being one of them sweaty-faced I-R-Adult peeps. I let the boy who will forever live within I and I breast have some fun.

  2. and why am I feeling sad/ who grew too old..................too laugh! bambi

  3. Weird how people grow up, apart and different. Even more weird how some ways in people don't last, but change is good, depending on how you look at it

  4. laughter is something we should never lose.

  5. Feather, I think I'm going to leave comments saying "I was here" just to let you know I read and loved yet another entry. I really can't seem to come up with anything more than "Beautiful." So when I say "I was here," know that I stopped, read, loved. Bless!

  6. It might be a different kettle of fish altogether but I see them all the time. In London, an 11-year-old with a 6-month-old baby and pregnant with another. In LA, a 16-year-old who seems to have lived 20 lifetimes already - she's been raped multiple times, she is suicidal, she's on crystal meth. In New York, an 11-year-old boy, so angry at the world that he can't even express himself without an outburst. In Florida, a 9-year-old who really should be at home listening to bedtime stories but is spending yet another night in juvie. And one wonders, indeed, where has all the laughter gone? And why are we in such a hurry to grow up?

  7. PS: I see my blog name among your links. ThankQ... And for stopping by from time to time.

  8. You might wanna read my latest post. I so feel you on this but, hey BE STRONG and know it may not be your fault, whatver PEACE

  9. Inside all of us there will always be that inner child, you just have to allow her to come out and play every once in a while ... thanks for leaving a comment on my blog ... I see you're linking to me ... I will reciprocate

  10. As we grow older, things change some become sweet memorioes some bitter ones!!

  11. There's one thing I'm sure of ... I'll never grow too old to laugh!!!