Monday, 2 July 2007


A thousand times,
I ask myself why I love you,
a thousand times,
I respond, "I don't know".
A thousand times,
I've told my heart, "let go",
a thousand times,
My heart's said "no".
And though a thousand times,
you make me cry,
One moment with you,
makes me smile.
And I suppose life's a cocktail;
a cocktail of laughter and tears
Perhaps its fate that
I have you in my wineglass.


  1. for real...I'm out of words
    dat was beautiful, Feather

  2. Nice one. People say listen to your heart but sometimes I think, that doing so can be difficult. Becoz sometimes the heart beat changes it's rythm and which one do you go with then?

    I think I have issues.

    Nice post nonetheless

  3. oh this is so cute!!!
    the wineglass and the cocktail and all! you are so talented!!!

  4. 27th: was actually debating if i should post it. two consecutive mushy articles. lol. there are enough serious articles in blogsphere to go around.

    ugo: someone told me where love starts, common sense ends. yap it is tricky.

    cb: i'll take that as a complement. thank you.

    sparkle: thank you.

    3 types:i guess that makes two of us. but i'm almost sure we wont die.

    prettylyf: thank you.

    scotchbiscuits: coming from you, I'm honoured. thank you.

  5. may have jumped in long after the comments and responses have done the rounds but am sure everyone loves cocktails and they dont mind a second glass esp given your serving of this amazing cocktail..really nice